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Bride and Groom Thoughts for
You Are My Destiny

For the song, "You Are My Destiny," this is a composite page of all the thoughts and feelings that the Bride and Groom sent to us. It is from these thoughts and words that we crafted the lyrics for the song. Some of the lines coming from the words they actually said, and many from reading between the lines of their thoughts. The word phrases that we used directly are highlighted in yellow.


From the Bride:

After the world humbled me two times over, I went on a pilgrimage to India and I did what I had to do. It is there (in India) I asked God to send me my one true love, my angel. Out of the blue, a mutual friend introduced us. After our first meeting, I just knew there was something that just worked with us... he makes me want to be a better person. He has calmed and tamed me... (I was a wild one)... I found my friend, one that I can be myself with. I finally have my angel. In his eyes I see hope, love, getting old with him... In his eyes I see myself but only better!! He is so patient, loving, kind and thoughtful. We talked about everything! He never judges me...I'm truly blessed. I'd give up everything for him, including my very last breath.


From the Groom:

We fell in love together. Here are some of the things that reflect those moments and some of our personal thoughts we share for each other: The East meets the west; beautiful sunset walks, ocean breezes, tropical warmth, our own private beach. Fireworks when we kiss, catching the first wave, smiles of pure joy. I’ve found my California dream girl. Storybook romance with a proposal on the top of the Eiffel tower, you are the one I have waited for, you are he one that I can give myself to, the one who has shown me what is truly important and what is possible when you love someone, My boo, my punkin, my soul mate who is understanding, compassionate, supportive, and my angel. I’ll do my happy dance for you anytime.


Thoughts from the Bride and Groom:

We are the happiest we can be because we have found each other and are always oceans two and a team that never gives up on each other, we pick each other up and support ones dreams, goals.


You are the most genuine, soulful man I have ever met, my brainy, my halo, my bunny.

I look at you and see the most caring loving person I have ever met. I see the most beautiful eyes and warm smile that is truly pure beauty. I see your soul, your aura, and it’s warmer than a sunny day, I truly am drawn to your beauty and magnificence.


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